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Health Turf’s Vegetation Control Programs can eliminate virtually all types of unwanted vegetation in the areas you want to keep clean such as:
  • Fence Lines— If you pay someone to weed-eat grass or weeds along your fence lines, you are doing it the hard way! We can spray a strip, (approximately 1 foot wide) along your fence line that will eliminate the need for weed-eating and will keep your property looking well kept.
  • Gravel Parking Lots and Driveways— Keeping weeds under control will keep gravel areas looking better, longer. Excessive weed growth will increase the need to re-gravel a lot sooner than a lot that is kept weed free.
  • Curb Lines— Eliminating weeds along curbs and in the cracks of macadam will prolong the life of your streets and pavement.
  • Roadside Vegetation Control— Boroughs and townships have found it is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly to spray unwanted vegetation than to continually cut it.
  • Poison Ivy Control— This is a tough weed nobody wants on their property. Green Giant can offer programs to rid your property of poison ivy.
Typically, two or three applications a year will keep unwanted vegetation under control. The number of applications will vary depending on the following:
  • Your tolerance of the weeds. That is, if you want Health Turf to come back as soon as new weeds emerge, you will have your applications spaced closer together than some one who can live with some weed growth in between applications. We are happy to provide the service at whatever intervals our customers desire.

  • The weather. Generally speaking, the more rain, the more weeds

  • The types of weeds and the abundance of weed seeds in the soil.

Health Turf can also apply pre-emergence weed controls to control weed seeds before they germinate. Estimates are Free, call our office to have a technician visit your property.

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