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Health Turf Mgt is a Lawn Care and Landscape company providing services such as fertilization, lawn maintenance, weed & grass control, tree & shrub care/pruning, pine straw, mulching, etc. 

Our rates vary considerably depending on type and scope of work involved, generally lawn care applications on a typical North Raleigh lawn range from $37 and up per application depending on size of area treated. There are 5 applications per year in our standard program. Mowing services begin at $50.

I began working for a small landscape company here in Raleigh back in college in 1982. In 1986 I began as a lawn tech at RW Collins Lawncare, and then quickly advanced to sales/service manager when they were bought out by TruGreen-Chemlawn. Following that in 1988 I worked as a regional sales/service manager for Orkin Lawncare. I began Health Turf Management in the fall of 1989. I have a Marketing and Communications degree from NCSU. In the almost 20 years I've owned the business, I've done everything imaginable; from repairing equipment to custom designing equipment and agronomic programs to meet my company's needs, designing and installing ornamental plant & shrub areas, reseeding and aeration, pest control (both indoor & outdoor), identifying and resolving fungi, insects, and other turf and plant related issues. I'm currently an LCO PCM licensee, able to legally apply most any herbicide or pesticide.

SERVICE and experience! We are a local family owned company offering the best in customer service. We are also one in a small number of companies that can handle all your mowing needs as well as treat your lawn with fertilizers and other needed materials. Most of our products are organic and all are safe for people and pets. The only thing required after we treat your lawn is that you allow it 10 minutes to dry, that's all. Secondly, my overhead is much less than other competitors, thus allowing you the customer a much more cost efficient rate and a higher degree of service. We don't offer any “quick fixes,” some lawns only need regular applications, others may require a year of our program combined with aeration and seeding.
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